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Please describe your perfect design in this section. If you want to have a photo collage, or photos, please send us the photos via google drive, dropbox or wetransfer - Please be as specific as possible when it comes to explaining your design. You are also welcome to upload reference images from google.

REMEMBER: You will only receive designs once you have made payment, we will send you an email when the payment reflects in our account of when you can expect to receive the layouts.
Feel free to upload any online images that you may have found and want us to use as reference, please note we are not enabled to copy a design exactly as is. this is plagarism. However we will use the look and feel and create you something that is special and unique to you.

Canvas, oh canvas! They truly make your house a home. Covering your favourite wall with proteas, perhaps adding your holiday images in your room... perhaps your family surname by the front door... From moments to memories... canvas are the best way to portray them all.


This section is just for box-mount canvases, but we can also assist with floating canvases, contemporary canvases and skinny canvases - Please request a quote via email if you are interested in one of the mentioned three.

The box-mount is the most popular one and we have 2 options with regards to the box-mount canvas. Premium and budget.

Our Box-mount Canvases includes our Premium Range as well as a more affordable Budget Range. We advise our clients to compare the benefits before making a decision. The Premium Range offers a wider selection of canvas print sizes; it is also available in a deeper 45mm frame depth (our recommendation); in addition the frames are beveled to ensure a tight stretch, adding to its longevity. Although the Budget Range is more affordable, it still carries our quality guaranteed stamp. The Value range is printed on a thinner canvas which is a mixture between Cotton and Polyester Fibre; the frame is not beveled; the canvas is not coated after printing; and there's a limited number of sizes available.


If you send us a singular image for your canvas, you will not receive a proof layout. We will resize it to the chosen size and IF there are any quality issues we will make contact. We will only send you designs for single images if text needs to be added. Please do note we cannot accept whatsapp and facebook quality images for singular prints. The quality is not up to standard. You are more than welcome to have singular images, collages, themes, writing, quotes and more. There are no limits and we send you the designs for approval AFTER payment. Please note you are welcome to send us reference images that you want replicated but we will change the design in a unique way to be special for you as well as not copy another designers work. We cannot under any circumstance take another creatives work and make money from it.

COLLAGES - If you want photo collages printed, please send the photos to VIA google drive, dropbox or wetransfer ONLY.


After layout approval, the time for production is 7 working days, please allow for 7-10 working days as anything can go wrong and then we have a day or two extra. It does sometimes happen where it is done before the 7 working days is up as well. If you only want one image, we will check the quality mailed to us and if fine we will submit to the factory for print. 


Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions, you can read it here: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

If you make the payment for your order, we do assume you have read the T's and C's and understand it.