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Please describe your perfect design in this section. If you want to have a photo collage, or photos, please send us the photos via google drive, dropbox or wetransfer - Please be as specific as possible when it comes to explaining your design. You are also welcome to upload reference images from google.

REMEMBER: You will only receive designs once you have made payment, we will send you an email when the payment reflects in our account of when you can expect to receive the layouts.
Feel free to upload any online images that you may have found and want us to use as reference, please note we are not enabled to copy a design exactly as is. this is plagarism. However we will use the look and feel and create you something that is special and unique to you.

Personalised Puzzles will make a great gift to someone who enjoys both the building of puzzles as well as the sentimental messages it will hold. Whether it is a family photo, photo collage, or just your favourite theme you decide to do... it works great for everything and anything.

From as small as A5 to as large as a beautiful 1000 piece puzzle, we have the full range available here!


All the puzzle pieces are printed on a thick cardboard with a gloss top finish. Thin enough to manage the puzzle pieces and thick enough to be durable for the building period. PLEASE DO NOTE: Each puzzle is printed and cut individually (there are no set template it uses), we are not able to replace just one piece if it goes missing, you would need to reprint the ENTIRE puzzle again. So please make sure you look after your puzzle like it is a gem!


We can design according to any theme you wish to have, whether it is perhaps a cartoon collage or a HD wallpaper you love and want it onto a puzzle, perhaps a beautiful background with a special message on it, and then of course the photo collages and photos. Please note if you want only one photo on, then it must be HIGH quality or it will pixelate when we blow it up, do not use whatsapp images or facebook downloads. All photos must be sent to our email address via google drive, drop box or wetransfer - PUZZLE BOX COVER: Each puzzle will get the design on top of the box so that whoever builds it has a guide as to what they need to build. You are more than welcome to send your own message for the front of the box or keep it as just the image. 


The lead time after the design layout has been approved is 7-10 working days. We only start the design process once the payment reflects into our account. You will receive a notification via email when your order has successfully been placed and when you can expect to receive your layouts 


Midi puzzle (110 x 165mm) = 24 Piece

The we have our A4 puzzles (190mm x 280mm) and they are available in the following pieces:

• 35 Piece

• 70 Piece

• 90 Piece

• 120 Piece

A3 Puzzles (297mm x 400mm) and they are available in the following pieces:

• 180 Piece

• 90 Piece

• 48 Piece

Our bigger puzzles are as follow

• 500 Piece = (650 mm x 450 mm)

• 1000 Piece = (750mm x 550mm)

Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions, you can read it here:


If you make the payment for your order, we do assume you have read the T's and C's and understand it.