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⚠️ QUICK HEADS UP! ⚠️ Please be advised that all orders require a 10-15 working day lead time from the date of payment confirmation on our end. WE UNFORTUNATELY DO NOT ACCEPT RUSH ORDERS! 🚫FATHER'S DAY ORDERS CLOSING DATE: 31 MAY (N0 LATE ORDERS CAN BE ACCOMODATED)



Corporate Product Range: While it is impractical to enumerate all the corporate products within our extensive range, we are proud to be registered sellers at reputable companies, including:

  • Amrod
  • Barron
  • Captivity
  • Vic Bay
  • Trade only Gifts
  • KMQ Productions

Online Overview: For a comprehensive overview of our corporate gift offerings, we recommend visiting our primary supplier's website at www.amrod.co.za. As a visitor, you can view available products, stock quantities, and color options, though pricing is not displayed. Simply search for your desired item, note the product code, and share it with us for a personalized quote.

Quoting Process: To provide accurate quotes for corporate products, we require the following details:

  1. Product name
  2. Quantity per product/design
  3. Branding specifications

Combo Packages: Additionally, we offer customized combo packages tailored to budget and content requirements. Our extensive client portfolio includes esteemed organizations such as PWC, BankersVAfrica, Old Mutual, Liberty, NG Church Vrystaat, Global Collateral Control, and the South African Reserve Bank.

Vendor Forms and VAT Registration: We are well-equipped to complete any vendor forms, and please be informed that we are VAT registered.

Contact Information: For further inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact us.